Chorme OS

Google released it Chrome OS 53 as a stable update which version is v53.0.2785.103 in this month. But unfortunately the build did not bring the most expected Android application support. Now Google released a beta version of Google Play Store to the brand new Chrome OS 53. The beta version of Google Play Store comes with the stable build of Chrome OS 53.0.2785.129.

On its release note, the search giant ensure the latest build was available for only Asus Chromebook Flip and Acer Chromebook R11 as now. Details availability of Google Play Store Application will be in Beta stage. Unfortunately, the Chromebook Pixel 2015 model is not listed, that is unexpected.

A Google spokesman confirmed that the Chromebook Pixel will also get the Beta update soon. He also added “Beta version of Google Pay Store is available for now in Asus Flip Chromebook and Acer R11 and (Coming soon to Pixel Chromebook) the feature can be activated in the settings page. These three laptops are receiving the latest stable update, alongside the Acer C7 and HP CB1 did not get the latest build update.

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Users should also keep in mind that Google Play Store feature is not enabled by default and requires to manually enabled the feature from setting page with the latest update. Earlier, Google Play Services made their Dev channel for Chromebook OS in June and Beta build in the August. Now is finally available as a Final Build. The Chrome OS 53 update also bring some security updates, enhance performance, and some new feature with a kernel version update.


As now, it not pretty sure the search giant will provide the Android application support and Google Pay Store access to all other Chrome OS powered devices.

The new Chrome OS 53 introduced a new feature named as Overview Mode, which let you to manage all the open tabs with a dedicated shortcut key or swipe three fingers on the trackpad. It also brings the material design layout.