Events app

On Friday, the social giant Facebook launched its Event App for smartphones for finding your nearby peoples to events you enjoy with friends.
The brand new Event application as now only available for IOS powered devices only and with a version tag the app is soon make way to Google-backed Android powered smartphones. Facebook spokesman Adita Koolwal confirmed in a post.


The Events app stand for on a section at the leading social media giant Facebook that lets individuals share their plans for parties, birthday, important matches, plays and all the types of events your friends are interested in attending.


“When you open the Events app you can easily and quickly catch the new events your Facebook friends are interested in, latest announced events by tab or pages you like and recent updates from events you are already linked to” Koolwal added in post.


More than hundred million individuals daily use the Facebook event feature tab to discover the nearest activities they can take part in with their friends and family, according to the post of koolwal.

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Plans made through Events application are managed on a calendar and shared back to Facebook friends.


The app also lets individuals browse for activities based on some topics such as interest or locations and discover some potential outings events with the help of dedicated maps.


California based social media giant has been building a group of mobile smartphone apps to stay updated in modern lifestyle in which phones are used easily and quickly connect to nearest and dearest family, friends or colleagues.


Facebook has a smartphone application for the social network itself, as well as popular Messenger and WhatsApp messaging applications that each statement more than a billion users every day.


The social giant Facebook also holds the ownership of photo and video sharing application program Instagram, which stated earlier in 2016 that it beat 500 million handlers.