The latest cool tech gadget that has arrived in the market are the Snapchat Spectacles. This is the first hardware product from Snapchat in the tech industry.

talking about the snapchat Spectacles, these are a cool pair of goggles that lets its users record videos instantly and on-the-go. On the top side of the right lens of the goggles, their a video camera that is being used for the recording purpose. Once the recording starts, the light by the top of the left lens turns on indicating the recording mode is active.

There is a small button near the hinge, pressing which will start the recording a 10 second video. every time you press the button and a 10 sec video recording starts. Pressing the button thrice at the same instant lets users record 30 seconds of video at a stretch.

The battery for the Snapchat spectacles lasts for about a day’s time. Also, with the portable charging case you can charge the spectacles for nearly four times.

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The expected pricing for the Spectacles is said to be $129. The Spectacles will arrive in three cool colors of black, coral or teal.

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel says it to be a toy that differs from the smartphone in considerably. The most important difference is that unlike smartphones it lets user record videos with their both hands free. It also features a wide 115 degree-angle-lens. Users will also be able to straight away transmit videos wirelessly from Spectacles to their smartphones from where they can later share it over social media.

However, the company CEO plans to have a phased and slower roll-out of the device to see the response at initial from the user community. The CEO believes that it can certainly create interest amongst kids and young crowd.

However, another news that comes from the company is that it has changed its official name from Snapchat to Snap,Inc. This move comes in regard to portray the company to be more than just a messaging app. However, the existing messenger will still be known as Snapchat.

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