"The iNext Electric Self-Driving BMW Car"

Check out the wheels on this possibly new iNext Electric Self-Driving BMW hottie

The new iNext electric self-driving car is the new cool kid on the self-driving cars block.

  • BMW’s iNext electric self-driving premium car
  • iNext to be available beginning 2021
  • New technology, new engine, new interior
  • Powerful rivals and new futuristic concepts

This highly futuristic car will hit the showrooms in the actual future – the year 2021 and will be the “revolutionary” BMW’s flagship model.

Harald Krueger, the company’s CEO says that while the iNext electric self-driving car has some sub-brands like the i3 EV and i8 hybrid, its iNext avant-garde technology will offer a unique electric powertrain and the situations in which this car will be able to drive itself are more varied.

The car will have “digital connectivity, intelligent lightweight design, (and) a totally new interior” says Harald Krueger, making the iNext electric self-driving car, “the next generation of electro-mobility.”

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The carmaker unveiled its self-driving concept in the Vision Next 100, and it looks as futuristic as all the BMW concepts have ever been – even much more – we might add.

The iNext electric self-driving car will be, evidently, a high-level premium product, but BMW plans to expand to other more available and mobile services as using a car seems to become more important for city-habitant consumers.

Last month in Seattle, the carmaker started a car-sharing program offering the option for people to rent out their vehicles or a chauffeur service. Sounds Uber-y like? Well BMW will not be the one to miss out on such a relatively new opportunity like the one tapped in by Uber.

In the midst of its Mercedes-Bens and Audi rivals, the company must now add more strategy shifting pressure from Tesla, Fiat, Honda and other automakers that have joined the automotive exclusive – but soon to be not as exclusive – club.

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Since 2005, BMW might lose the global first spot in luxury car sales to Mercedes. The German Daimler Ag’s Mercedes-Benz hosting a lot of brand new models and having a rejuvenated model lineup has stolen the show with the first quarter sales.

Mercedes’s first quarter sales went up more than twice as fast as the iNext’s BMW creator. However, Harald Krueger says BMW is on its way to meet this year’s targets of delivering higher car sales and small increases increments in pretax profit.

If BMW accomplishes their 2016 goals, this will be their “seventh record year in a row” and their arrangement for an ultimate sports car makes the iNext electric self-driving car teasers an assuring bet.

Image source: YouTube

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